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Francis Durbridge's six part thriller serial is released in the UK in an overpriced 3 disk edition from Dannan, but fortunately for the Gerald Harper devotees in the Fen household the lovefilm rental rate is much more reasonable. Mr Harper plays Detective Inspector Jack Kerry, drawn into typical Durbridgean intrigue when his father is killed in a freak golfing accident.  But was it an accident?  Ably assisted by a young David Burke, Mr Harper follows a skein of clues that seem to involve a missing dog belong to his father's housekeeper, the dog's collar, and a cryptic note of a numberplate.

This isn't the strongest thriller I've seen -  the female characters seem to undergo complete personality transplants between episodes depending on the plot, too much key action happens off-stage (and isn't even shown in flashback), and I felt that by episode six the cast were struggling a bit.  Nevertheless, worth a look for a multitude of reasons - Peter Copley as a too benevolent and meek pet shop owner, excellent night filming of a chase sequence in the West End of London, and a triple who-is-it scenario in episode 6 not a million miles away from the reveal of Michelle's babydaddy in Eastenders.  And of course Gerald Harper gets to say "Don't be a damned fool.", in that way that only he can.
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