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So exactly one week ago as I write this session two was underway, with Chris Perry introducing some remarkable audio material of ATV links from the archive of the late Norman Tozer.  Remarkable given the age of the recording - April 1961 - and the nerveless aplomb with which Mr Tozer interviews a visiting Diana Dors, diligently plugging her appearances in movies, US sketch shows and a West End musical.

The majority of the session was made up of three brilliantly curated clip compilations courtesy of Kaleidoscope.  Sadly, the BFI's customary by-the-door handout provided little or no detail as to the content or provenance of the clips. A 22 year-old Lulu previews her 1969 Saturday night show just after the end credits for Grandstand ; passers-by stopped in the street have no idea who Nigel Barton is (ahead of repeats in 1966?) ;  Michael Caine shares a scene with Thora Hird in all that survives now of a BBC tv production from 1962 of Gerald Savory's play "So Many Children".

Over on ITV Granada have commissioned a short Christmas animation that somehow moves from a panoply of TV screens displaying title captions from the Granada portfolio (e.g. The XYY Man) through stained glass pictures of the Nativity superimposed over scenes of Granadaland life (factories, cooling towers, a snug) onto Father Christmas having that bloody Marilyn Monroe (pace Pete and Dud) haunt his dreams outside his Lapland log cabin. LWT sells itself as the home of the big Entertainment stars - Bruce Forsyth, Lennie Bennett, Dickie Davis, a logotype for "Partners in Crime" - as well as advertising a chrsysanthenum show and auction in Surrey. A continuity announcer whose name I can't recall delivers a textbook example of what to do when the tape breaks down and the gallery then plays in the following day's schedule caption slide by accident.

This year's recoveries of missing material were also given an airing. Stephanie de Sykes was on hand to reminisce about appearing on Pebble Mill ("you just took a train to Birmingham") ; Tara Prem praised Sean Mccarthy's writing whilst gently disparaging the recovered "Second City First" play "The Turkey Who Lives on the Hill" ("Well, I think you can see what's going to happen here.")
Meridian were outed as having ensured the survival of the execrable Bernard Manning game show vehicle "Under Manning" (keep an eye on the Talking Picture TV schedules in 2016 to see if this gets picked up with other orphans from the Southern archive.)  As a viewer in the Southern TV region at the time, I vividly remember how rubbish this was, and would quite happily have had four more minutes of continuity instead, Charles Collingwood's custard pie-ing of Bernard Manning nothwithstanding.

Finally, and quite delightfully, we saw the first half an episode of "Do Not Adjust Your Set", with Eric Idle's enthusiastic continuity announcer sadly denied the opportunity to talk about rabbits, and David Jason displaying his facility for physical comedy in an exciting instalment of Captain Fantastic. MBW ended with the world under the threat of Mrs Black's giant magnet - surely some sort of metaphor for the fate of archive TV shows.

Date: 2015-12-20 10:44 pm (UTC)
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I see that Under Manning's format, belonging to Action Time as credited, is You Bet Your Wife, with Bernard Manning here filling a role which was devised for Groucho Marx...

Date: 2015-12-21 04:36 am (UTC)
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The continuity announcer concerned was Peter Marshall, if you are thinking of the Thames case; the STV counterpart in a similar situationm might have been Tony Currie, but I'm not sure of that.

Date: 2015-12-21 03:42 pm (UTC)
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Yes, it was the Thames announcer I was thinking of!

We caught up with the last four episodes of The Bridge last night. Mrs Fen was on the edge of her seat for the last fifteen minutes, and she has been 'shipping Saga/Henrik as much as she did Susan/Hadleigh.


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