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gervase_fen ([personal profile] gervase_fen) wrote2015-10-02 01:31 am

CWA Dagger Results, 2015

We have dagger winnersThe Guardian summarises how well Michael Robotham did to take the crown this year.

Between the announcement of the shortlist and the prize ceremony I read nine books, altogether over 2900 pages,  in the space of twelve weeks, taking two weeks off due to some exceptional and hopefully not to be repeated pressure at work.  That leaves another nine books, including two out of the three category winners.  I didn’t read the books in any particular order from the shortlists, trusting to a random number generator function on an Excel spreadsheet to choose the next title for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Dagger Reads facebook discussion group, and look forward to doing the same next year, although given the number of contributions made on the night I don’t know if the exercise will be repeated.  As to the remaining, unread shortlisted nominees  - well, the winners may get a look in, but it might time to vary the literary diet now.

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